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Nuevos usos del tiempo
Innovative Uses of Time

In recent years, Bilbao and Bizkaia have been undergoing major changes that have affected the population’s lifestyles and time management. Faced with this situation, the City Council of Bilbao and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia are supporting the creation of the NETWORK of AGENCIES in BILBAO and BIZKAIA, consisting of firms and organisations that are committed to the achievement of better time management and the reconciliation of work and family and personal life.

Our Network’s best practices

Ms. Ana Fernández Viera
Director of People Management and Development

Poligono Urtia S/N
48260 Ermua (BIZKAIA - SPAIN)
Phone: +34 943 170 317
Fax: +34 943 173 115


Microdeco S.A.

MICRODECO S.A. was founded in Eibar in 1963. The company’s core business is the manufacture of highly complex turned parts. Its latest generation technology, highly skilled workforce and strict quality controls are the three pillars that have reinforced MICRODECO’s image on the international market.

MICRODECO has a workforce of 191 people, 59 women and 132 men.